Nikaela's Eight Steps to Finding the Right Shapewear Product!

Nikaela's Eight Steps to Finding the Right Shapewear Product!

I know what you are thinking! Looking for the right shapewear can be a pain but this guide provides steps that can help you find the perfect shapewear for your attire.

1. Prep-First, pick out your attire. Whether a dress, jumpsuit, pants, shorts or skirt, do you need support on the lower part of your body, upper part of the body or on the entire body?

2. Plan-Once the part of the body is determined. Put on the clothing and take note of the areas you would like to target mentally or by selfie. If you are buying an outfit, take note of the areas you want to enhance, smoothe or compress.

3. Color-Make sure you take note of the color. Do you need a nude or black shapewear product?

4. Special details-Pay attention to the details. Do you need shapewear that has removable straps? Is the waistline too thick for your dress, skirt, shorts or pants?Will there be visible lines?  Do you need a seamless product or one with stitching? 

5. Measure-When you buy shapewear, if at all possible, it is best to try it on in the store or for ordering online measure yourself and make sure it aligns with the Company's sizing guide. Shapewear products sizing may vary. 

6. Bodysuit-Next, if you would like to draw in back fat, your stomach and slim your thighs, an all around bodysuit is the way to go. Be mindful of the compression factor. When I was younger, I could wear a high compression shapewear item for hours, now I can't, so a lighter compression product works better. A lighter compression product will provide good support for my back and abdomen. 

7. Shapewear/Enhancement Shorts-If you are focusing on the lower portion of your body, a good shapewear short is the way to go. Find extra compression for thighs and stomach as needed. Also, be mindful of the shorts length. You might want shorter shorts or longer ones depending on your attire.

8. Bodysuit with Shorts-If you want to focus on the top portion of your body, a bodysuit with slimming panels or a bodysuit with shorts attached is the way to go. I usually buy the ones with the removable straps, so you can use it with a strapless shirt or dress. This gives you more bang for your buck!


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