Why RoseCovered?

RoseCovered was founded in 2018 with a segment of women in mind, who have been consistently ignored in the fashion industry for years. Our founder began her career journey in the professional world. She soon learned that the formal clothing, which included, women’s dresses, skirts and pants suits; for the most part business casual attire and hosiery, were not designed for her body type. After the birth of her son, she began to wear shapewear and found that it completely altered her body shape and was generally unflattering. From that moment, the idea of RoseCovered was birthed. Her patent pending design allows women, who like her, possess an hour glass or pear shape to utilize shapewear, hosiery and other intimate-wear products and clothing with confidence because it contours to their body shape. After testing the prototype on all shapes and sizes of women, we also discovered that the patent pending design works well for women who do not possess an hour glass or pear shape. It tends to create more of an hour glass silhouette on them.

RoseCovered's purpose has always been to include and not exclude women in her designs. Although the design began with the desire to change hosiery and shapewear, we plan to incorporate the patent pending designs in all of the clothing that we produce.

Lux1163 Sketch (sketched by NJR's niece)

 Lux1163 First Prototype made by Hand

Lux1163 Colors are inspired by coffee